Pre-Technique ~ Early Training for Dancers 4-7

One class per week emphasizing concepts of rhythm, body awareness, creative movement & joy of dance.  Includes basic warm-up, movement themes & skills, patterning, group cooperation and diverse music forms.

Music & Dance I-II – a combined class for 4 and 5 year olds

Music & Dance II – for kindergartners

Introduction to Movement – for 1st graders


Ballet, Modern, Jazz ~ Technical Training beginning in 2nd Grade +

Students may begin technical training in 2nd grade and as training progresses students should increase the number of classes per week, with the following being the minimum:

Level I ~ 1 class/week

Level II ~ 2 classes/week

Level II-III ~ 3 classes/week

Level IV ~ 3 classes/week

Level V ~ 7 classes/week

Levels VI/VII through VIII ~ 7+ classes/week


Tap – 3rd Grade +

Students may begin in 3rd grade. Tap can be taken in addition to technique classes or on it’s own.

Levels  I, II, III, IV and V/VI ~ 1 class/week

Level VII/VIII ~ 2 classes/week



In elementary and intermediate levels, students will usually progress one level per year. Students move through the advanced levels with Instructor permission. Dancers not taking the suggested number of classes per level may not progress as quickly.

Levels I, II, II-III

Beginning or continuing technical training in Ballet, Modern, and Tap.

For Ballet I & Modern I students begin at ages 7-8 (second grade) and may take one or both classes. Level II students take one Ballet and one Modern class.  Level II-III students take two Ballet & one Modern class/week.  Tap I (third grade and above), Tap II (one year tap experience required) and Tap III (two years tap experience required) meet once per week.

Level IV

Intermediate level of training in each of the 3 techniques. Classes offered are Ballet, Modern & Jazz. Dancers should take a minimum of 3 classes per week (two of them ballet + modern) and have the option of adding jazz. Tap IV meets once per week.

Level V

Advanced-intermediate level of training in each of the 4 techniques. Classes offered are Ballet, Ballet Repertory, Modern & Jazz. Dancers should take a minimum of 7 classes per week (two of them ballet + two pointe/pre-pointe as per instructor, two repertory + modern) and may also add jazz. Tap V/VI meets once per week.

Level VI/VII and VIII

Advanced students are required to participate in the Advanced Ballet Program (including technique, pointe, and repertory) and Modern. Jazz, Tap, Composition, and Improvisation for Composition are optional additional classes. Dancers must take a minimum of 7 classes per week (the Advanced Ballet Program + modern).


Tap VII/VIII students are required to take both offered Tap VII/VIII Technique/Repertory classes. 


New Student Placement

If you are new to our school or have questions regarding placement, please talk to BryAnn before sending in your registration form and tuition. Phone or e-mail us to make an appointment.